From BAQE host, Silalei:

“Victor Muzadi is one of those people who will talk up his home team constantly. No surprise when that’s one of Africa’s best-ever basketball teams – Angola. However, peel back the trash-talking, the blunt honesty and the hearty laughter and Victor is one of the continent’s top basketball professionals for good reason – he has plenty to say that many basketball programs across Africa could well borrow from.

So having only recently started my new online talk show (Victor was one of our earlier guests, too), I thought that with a growing audience, it was time we invited Africa’s basketball fraternity to try and get a piece of him.

We talked about why Carlos Morais, despite being an elite shooting guard couldn’t get recruited into the NBA and we paid tribute to Italee Lucas and how she has inspired a new generation of female basketball players to carry the mantle of Angola’s basketball success. We spoke on the difference between the NBA and FIBA. We broke down Angola’s style of play and how it took over 20 years in the making, with Victor stating boldly that, “you cannot progress… if you don’t have rules. Those rules help you to play the game the right way…not in confusion”. Victor also broke down his choice of the top 4 basketball teams on the continent and, surprise, Angola was not number 1.

This is the kind of honest conversation African basketball needs to hear and I look forward to many more.”

There’s a taste here for SPNAfrica readers and viewers and the full interview can be found on the BAQE Facebook page.