Our Vision

Our ambition is for an empowered and enabled African Sports ecosystem that works for those who put in the long hours and hard yards.

Our promise to our readers and viewers is to deliver high quality, entertaining sports content.

The Sports Network Africa “Manifesto”

We – African sports fans and professionals alike – have been let down by a failed professional sports system. Here’s how:

  • Broadcast: public broadcasters have been “captured” by politicians and mismanaged. Add to that, the technical challenges – (like decades with too few satellites), cosy deals for pay TV and no advertising support (reasons below) – and there is not nearly enough sports content (especially entertaining, high-quality LIVE events) being broadcast.
  • Advertising: gatekeeping, buddy systems and poor production value has led to dismal returns on advertising for corporates. Why should they place advertising next to sports events when the event may not even make to air and when it does, is often poorly produced?
  • Journalism: the “brown envelope” system has destroyed the credibility of journalism. Without the support of well-paying advertising, there is no incentive for high-end journalism.
  • Government: interference in sport and media has caused further weakness in all of the above. There is too little support for sports professionals and for the sporting ecosystem – including meda – by governments who have little appreciation for how the ecosystem works elsewhere.

 SPNAfrica is here to help change all of that – and add value to the sporting ecosystem.

The first step is to help ensure that we in African sports and media think critically, ask the right questions and set the bar high for ourselves. SPNAfrica News will deliver high quality – well written, independent, critical and accurate, sports news.

The second step is to start delivering more, entertaining, Live and on-demand video content. We believe that your local, national-league team games should be available to you, real-time for every weekday and weekend match – no matter where you are in Africa. With quality images and informative and entertaining commentary and supporting stats, we want to make that a reality. We have great streaming partners and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t also start streaming your local community and university sport events. Take a look at SPNAfrica.com

Finally, we have brought together some of the best minds in both sport and media to ensure that we can assist others as well as ourselves, whether that is setting up Live coverage capacity or helping with rights and licensing packages. So we’re able to partner with leagues, teams and individuals to provide content and fan-engagement platforms

SPNAfrica. We’re with you on your journey in African sport.

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