Our Vision

Our ambition is for an empowered and enabled African Sports ecosystem, working for those who put in the long hours and hard yards.

Sports Network Africa currently offers free African sports news via this site, SPNAfrica News, as well as a subscription video service on spnafrica.com , our LIVE streaming and On-Demand video site.

Our “promise” to our readers and viewers is to deliver high quality, entertaining sports content.

The Sports Network Africa “Manifesto”

We – African sports fans and professionals alike – have been let down by a failed professional sports system. Here’s how:

  • Broadcast  – public broadcasters have by and large been “captured” by politicians and mismanaged. Add to that, the technical challenges (like the decades during which Africa had too few satellites), cosy deals for pay TV and no advertising support (reasons below) and there is not nearly enough African sports content (especially entertaining, high production quality LIVE events) available to African sports fans. We are here to change that.
  • Advertising – gate keeping, buddy systems, poor production value, disintegrating value chain= no ROI for corporates. So, why advertise? Why spend millions (billions) on advertising if it doesn’t reach an audience, or is poor quality and does not increase sales? We are here to change that.
  • TV – cosy deals with advertising agencies, loss of value, loss of viewership, all resulting in lack of resources to invest in quality sports content. We are here to change that.
  • Journalism – “brown envelope” system has destroyed credibility and high-end journalism. We are here to change that.
  • Government interference, causing further weakness in all of the above. Too little support for sports professionals. We will try to change that.

 SPNAfrica is here to help change all the above – and add value back into the system.

BUT we need solid foundations. The first “pillar” helps us think critically, ask the right questions and set the bar high for ourselves. That is, high-quality – well written, independent and accurate – sports news.

  • Our aim is to provide trustworthy, up to the minute information on African sport and the sports ecosystem, alongside quality images and informed journalism that will engage and delight our readership – adding value to their day.

Our second “pillar” is Live content. We believe that your local, national-league team games should be available to you, real-time for every weekday and weekend match – no matter where you are in Africa. With quality images and informative and entertaining commentary and supporting stats, we want to make that a reality. We have great streaming partners and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t also start streaming your local community and university sport events – so do engage with us via info@spnafrica.com – or comment on our stories.

Then, we provide the expertise that is all too often lacking in the business of sports: internationally experienced rights negotiators to help you understand:

  • the rights sales system,
  • the value of your sports property and how to grow value
  • how to negotiate deals (we can do this on behalf of rights holders, too).

Lastly, we partner with leagues, teams and even individuals to provide a content and fan-engagement platform (digital “channels”), with top-of-the line social media strategies and [our partner is a top Euro football provider] analytics.

What is still missing?

EVENTS, PRO Listings, VENUES, STATS, PROFILES, ADVICE, SEMINARS, and all the many other items that make a sports ecosystem so very engaging. That’s next.

SPNAfrica. We’re with you on your journey in African sport. Feel free to judge us.

The SPNAfrica team.