Six-time Formula One champion, Lewis Hamilton says he’s “appalled” by the way Boris Johnson and the UK Government have responded to the coronavirus pandemic.

New quarantine rules have now come into effect in which all people arriving in the UK are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Formula One personnel, including six-time world champion Hamilton, are exempt from the rules – a decision which will allow the sport to host back-to-back races at Silverstone this summer. But Hamilton has spoken out about the new restrictions and claims thousands of lives could have been saved had the government not delayed their decision to introduce the rules.

In a social media post, Hamilton said: “I’m appalled at the UK government on how they have handled Covid.
“You should have closed the boarders two months ago. How you can let people fly in from countries without being tested is baffling.
“You could have saved thousands of lives. We need better leaders!”

Hamilton also backed the decision of Black Lives Matter protesters to tear down a statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol over the weekend. Demonstrators hauled down the 18 ft bronze sculpture during a protest on Sunday (June 7) and pushed it into the docks.
“If those people hadn’t taken down that statue, honouring a racist slave trader, it would never have been removed,” he said.
“There’s talks of it going into a museum. That man’s statue should stay in the river just like the 20 thousand African souls who died on the journey here and thrown into the sea, with no burial or memorial.