Serbian Tennis great, Novak Djokovic has revealed that he was approached to switch nationallity during his days as a younger tennis player.

Djokovic explained that several eye-catching displays during his days as a junior caught the eye and he was approached to make a switch. He added that the offer was tempting but that he ultimately stood his ground.

“I was doing really well in the junior international tournaments so tennis agents spotted me. 
“And we got an offer to change our nationality to British nationality. It was a very tempting offer as it would have solved all of our problems but we didn’t go for it,” Djokovic said.

The 17-tine grand slam champion said leaving Serbia for less familiar surroundings was an important factor that swayed the decision he eventually made.
“Personally, I didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want to go to England where I didn’t know anybody.
“I wanted to stay where I had my friends, my life, my language, and my country,” he said.

Djokovic has remained proudly Serbian throughout his career and Serbian authorities have ensured that over the years, the tennis player has contributed greatly to an improved international image. For decades following atrocities duringthe Serbo-Croat war, Serbia remained the “bad boy” of central Europe, despite successive leadership changes.
One way for Serbians to become even prouder of their tennis star would be for Djokovic to be recognised as international men’s tennis’ GOAT (Greatest of All Time). To accomplish that, Djokovic has to hold one record – the most Grand Slam titles. 

Djokovic currently has 17 which is 3 short of Roger Federer’s record of 20. He’ll be waiting for the next opportunity to close in on that record.