The CEO of Africa Sports Ventures Group (ASVG), Leslie Koroma, has announced that ASVG and Sport Management Business Group (SMBGASSO) have signed an MOU to deliver the first exclusive online Pan-African sports education platform.

The two outfits have agreed to collaborate in the provision of an exclusive Pan-African online sports education and sports career training platform in different languages to meet the needs of Africa’s diverse official language landscape. Drawing upon the wealth of experience in sports education and sports career training of Sport Management Worldwide (SMWW), SMBGASSO serves as the education arm of SMWW. SMWW is a global leader in sports business education.

ASVG and SMBGASSO will focus on providing the following 7 priority courses in African countries as a start:

  • Sports management administration
  • Sports product marketing
  • General manager and scouting for sports
  • Sports analytics
  • Athlete management
  • Sports media and communication
  • Esports

The courses will be initially available in English, to be followed in French in a few months. There are considerations to make courses available in Portuguese in the future. 

ASVG will establish the necessary online platform in order to enhance outreach activities by October 1, 2020. SMBGASSO will apply its strategic approach in supporting course participants. This unique approach includes access to its existing network of coaches and mentors, who will interact at varying levels with the course participants, and facilitating internship opportunities

About Africa Sports Ventures Group
Africa Sports Ventures Group is a Sports Solutions and Services Company based in Accra Ghana and Houston Texas USA whose key purpose is to operate a portfolio of profit-making business ventures in any and every area that fulfills its mission of lifting sports in Africa to global industry standards.

About Sport Management Business Group (SMBGASSO)
A non-profit association in support of projects, athletes, clubs and institutions promoting the practice of sport, and continued education through sport.