Quadri Aruna and Dina Meshref reclaim ITTF Africa Cup title

Nigeria’s Quadri Aruna and Egypt’s  Dina Meshref reclaimed the ITTF Africa Cup title after winning the 2024 edition at BK Arena in Kigali, Rwanda.

Aruna, the top seed still fresh from his exploits at the WTT Saudi Smash, was again unstoppable with a commanding win in the final against Egypt’s Mohamed El-Beiali.

The one-sided final saw Aruna effortlessly take down the Egyptian with a 4-0 (11-5, 11-6, 12-10, 11-3) win to emerge as the new Africa Cup champion after losing the title to Egypt’s Omar Assar in 2018.

An elated Aruna speaks about his triumph:

“I’m very happy. I’m excited, especially the last edition, I was very close to winning against Omar, I was injured, but of course, I was never giving up. It’s like payday for me. “

“I was never giving up, I was working harder and harder, so I am very happy that it is really, really happening here.”

This brings positive memories for me to remember Rwanda all the time. That is what I have been trained to do since I was young, to believe that I am able to achieve any kind of glory.”

So, I keep working and working. I try harder a lot, practice, a lot of physical fitness are the things have always been keeping me going.”

“It’s a beautiful country, everywhere is clean, nice people, security is really nice, beautiful country. Ofcourse you know, that is our job. If there will be another event here in Rwanda, we will come again.” the  World No. 19 said.

Like Aruna, Meshref was at her best after coming back from 2-0 down to defeat her compatriot, Mariam Alhodaby, 4-3 to become the new Africa Cup champion after losing the last two editions in the final.

A relieved Meshref described the victory as crucial, particularly coming back from injury:

“It was very important to me. I am very very happy with this title, and with this win. I am very grateful to God. I am very happy about it.”

It was very difficult, actually, of course Mariam and many other  players, they were very strong players, so to be able to win this event was very difficult,” she said.

The tournament has over 50 players from 14 countries taking part as players brace up for the African Olympic Qualification Tournament, which begins on May 16 and ends on May 18.